PROLOGUE by photokina

... The story of success continues!

Once again, the passion for imaging and photography will thrill  Cologne,  during the photokina trade fair in September.

Life in urban areas is complex, colorful and surprising. And only few media offer the possibility to portray the city and its people in the artistical and documentary way that photography does – PROLOGUE by photokina invites everybody to participate in that creative process.

High-profile photo workshops with professionals provide insight views into the variety of technologies from analog to digital and video. Explore Cologne, its street art and urban hot spots during the third Cologne photo marathon and on photo walks. Events, photo-adventures for children and exciting exhibitions will prepare the whole city for the highlight: photokina 2016, the world's leading fair for photography, video and the entire imaging sector, with more exhibitions, spectacular events and new products than ever.

PROLOGUE by photokina accompanies the photokina, opening its doors from the 20th  to 25th  September 2016  for imaging professionals and photo enthusiasts from all around the world,

Cologne - Living the passion for photography.

Be a part of it!



Katharina C. Hamma, Geschäftsführerin

Katharina C. Hamma, Geschäftsführerin

Get the city into your picture ...

Welcome to the city event "PROLOGUE by photokina"

Dear friends of photography,

Cologne is a multifaceted city. Beauty and transience hold up well balanced, kitsch has its place next to art, rich next to poor and flashy colorful next to black and white. Those who live here, and have a good eye and an ear for the many short and long stories of this city, will be rewarded with new experiences and meet interesting people and places.

This city, its people, its buildings and places, its river and its banks, riverside promenades, meadows and gardens, streets and cafés deserve to be documented in pictures. This is what PROLOGUE by photokina is about. PROLOGUE is the relaunch of the established event "cologne takes pictures". A good tradition is preserved, while new elements and new technology trends are integrated.

Workshops and events with different priorities offer exciting insight views into the world of photography and filming, no matter if you want to use a professional camera or your smartphone, like to work with  video or standstill, use digital interface or don’t, like it pure or edited. There are no boundaries for imagination and creativity.

Guided by professional photographers, you are invited to discover unusual locations and new regions of the image processing. PROLOGUE addresses all people who are interested in pictures and photography, young and old. There is also a special program for children. Cooperation partners from business and education make it again possible to realize exhibitions. PROLOGUE is a highly regarded, creative opener for photokina. In the following weeks until photokina from the 20th to the25th September 2016, plenty of activities invite film and photo enthusiasts, professional and amateur photographers, consumers and photo professionals, citizens of Cologne, tourists and fair visitors.

At photokina 2016 itself, the world's leading fair for photography, video and the entire imaging sector, even more exhibitions and events let all try out new products, applications and technologies in practice and live.

With PROLOGUE, Cologne is preparing for the most important trade fair in the industry, the photokina 2016, and you are all invited to discover the diversity of the media image for yourself.

I wish an exciting stay in Cologne to all amateur photographers, professional photographers and photo art lovers. Have fun during a unique event and cultural highlight. Discover the passion of photography.


Katharina C. Hamma

Managing Director, Koelnmesse GmbH