The photographers of the workshops, exhibitions and photo-walks make every PROLOGUE-event special. As artists with personalities of their own, they all have their individual handwritings, topics and talents. Some of them have been associated with PROLOGUE for years and are the guarantee for our consistent PROLOGUE quality.


Norbert Breidenstein

Graduate Graphic designer with focus on photography


workshops: I spy with my little eye…


Joachim Clüsserath

Graduate in communication design with focus on photography. Fotostudio in Cologne and lecturer at the VHS Cologne.

focus: Portrait, stills. Teaching assignment at the University of Wuppertal, subject studio photography. 
workshops: Portrait Photography – comics as inspiration ,   Impressive black-and-white prints on fine art barite papers , depicting personality – power women and power men , quaint plant worlds – bokeh at close range , prints for artists and photographers The final touch: expressive portraits with LightroomPortraits with picturesque blur/bokeh

Penelope Finke

Penelope is the kölnknipse. Her views of Cologne can not only be found in thousands of apartments of the city, but also in Los Angeles, Bangkok and Cape Town. Her products: your favorite places of your city and unusual motifs, all mounted on wood with care –  and thus genuine Cologne craft.

workshops: Photo Hunt for children and youngsterPhoto Hunt for adults

Roy Fochtman

Roy Fochtman is an Argentinian photographer and filmmaker, living in Germany since 2010. His passion is taking pictures of real moments and emotions in the streets.

workshops: Street Photography – Photowalk , Photowalk Street Photography in black and white , organizing your own exhibition , Amazing Portraits with Simple Measures , portraits in the studio with professional film light , image composition and analysis , how to get the film look? , Shoot your own short film!



Hildegard Fritsch

Graduate photo engineer, freelance photographer. Lecturer for the Nikon School and the VHS Cologne.

focus: People, Nature, Architekture, Stills.
workshops: Fascination macro photography , pictures in flames , colorful wildlife – photo fun in Lindenthal Zoo , light and shadow meets nude and erotic – studio photography with model , ambient shots with model – composing and experimenting with available light , smartphone photography

Wilfried Gohsens

Studied in Dusseldorf,  is a freelance photographer for advertising agencies and direct clients.   Teaching in Cologne and Dusseldorf  

. . . Conceptual photography . . . new ways of seeing  
On the occasion of
Int. Photoszene Köln, his artistic works will be presented in three exhibitions.

workshops: See new … Cologne subway stations , see new … Melatenfriedhof , workshop at the photokina



Peter Miranski

Graduate Designer with focus on Photography & Concept.
Work as a freelance photographer in the field of portrait, people, fashion, reportage.

workshops: In the footsteps of August Sander , People Shoot on Location , Und watt soll dat? (and what’s that all about, now?), Kimono Portraits


Ralph Orange

Freelance photographer specializing in architecture, interior and real estate photography; Lecturer for photo courses and workshops; Head of Marketing and Product Management in a Cologne e-commerce company.

workshops: People Shoot on Location  


Marcel Panne

Video artists. Managing Director Lichtfaktor GmbH

focus: Long Exposure, Stop Trick Animation, Urban, Portrait, Fun.
Workshop: Lightpainting – painting with light , Lightpaintings in Cologne  


Stefano Paterna

Freelance photographer with a focus on travel photography. Owner and lecturer of “Stefano Paterna – Photo School and Photo Tours”.

Workshop: Blue Hour 



Stephen Petrat

Photo designer, offers courses and workshops for beginners and advanced photographers, as owner of the “Photolodge”.

workshops: Discover your city: Chargesheimer Spuren, Chargesheimer Bearbeitung


Triksy Sol

Freelance photographer from Latin America.
“My passion has always been to collect memories. Photography is just an excuse for me to discover places, people and emotions.”

focus: Newborn photography, Portraits
workshops: Streetartfotografie in Ehrenfeld 



Steven Zeh

Born in Berlin, moved to Cologne at the age of six and stayed. As a trained event salesman, I came into contact with professional photography during a number of shootings. It was the inspirational ignition that led my passion into the subsequent media design studies. After graduating, I made photography my job with all its facets of pre- and post-editing. It’s my dream job.


Workshops: Lingerie Workshop, Lingerie Beautyretouch Workshop