Are the shown prices final prices?

Yes, all the prices appearing in the program folder or the internet are final prices.

Where do you find all information at a glance?

Free program folders are available at participating venues, the Tourist Office and other high-traffic locations in Cologne. Please find daily updates on our website www.photokina-prologue.de.

How do I reserve a workshop ticket?

Reserve a ticket by using the contact form of the respective event. You will receive an automatic e-mail response that contains all information about payment arrangements. After the in-payment of your fee, your registration is binding.
Please make sure to transfer your entry fee within 10 days to guarantee your participation.

What happens if I do not pay within the limit of time?

Your reservation is withdrawn and your ticket is available for every visitor. Please contact the organizing team, which decides whether the reservation can be mantained for more than 10 days.

How do I know that my booking was successful?

Once you have reserved a workshop, you will receive an email with all relevant data and account numbers. Once you have paid the amount, you will receive a confirmation. Your booking is binding now.

How does the calendar work?

By using the calendar function, you have the option to search for specific data but not for event topics. The calendar shows all “PROLOGUE by photokina”-events on a specific day.

What happens if it is raining on the specified day of the workshop / event?

Regardless of the weather conditions, all events, workshops etc. are held. In unexpected exceptional cases, all participants would be contacted. If necessary, a new day would be fixed.

How will I be informed about possible changes?

If any last-minute changes occured, it would be published on our website. The organizing team will also give participants a call to inform about the change. Therefore it is important to indicate your current phone number at the contact form, so we can reach you on a short term-bases.

How long does a workshop take?

The duration of a workshop depends on the subject. Please take a look at the description of the specific workshop to get this information.

How are the workshops organized?

After a theoretical introduction, the practical part begins, giving participants the opportunity of directly applying  what they learnt before. The trainer gives advice and support to the participants. Finally, the results will be discussed in a group.

Is the specification of age groups regarding workshops for children and adolescents binding?

Yes. The age specifications are based on experience and plans of the coaches, in order to make sure that children can really understand and implement the contents. The coaches are exclusively prepared for the specific age group. Age differences would lead to a situation where older children could get bored and younger overchallenged. Therefore, please only register children and adolescents for workshops of their specific age group.

Is it possible to buy a ticket on the day of the workshop at the meeting point?

Spontaneous photographers can pay in cash directly at the meeting point.
Please understand, that this will ONLY be possible, if there are tickets left! Sold out workshops cannot be joined, since the number of participants is always limited. Please note that the prices published in the program booklet and on the internet are on-site prices!

What will happen, if I am prevented or sick on the day of the workshop?

If you cannot attend the workshop, please contact the organizing team Rheinstil (+49.221-67787270).
Our team will decide whether you can perceive an alternate date and which are the next steps. If you do not appear on the day of the workshop, we will not be able to refund the participation fee or offer you an alternative date.

What should I bring to a workshop?

Besides your own digital camera you should bring replacement batteries, enough storage media, a snack and wear suitable clothing. Special features are listed in the workshop “Requirements”.

Do I need any knowledge in order to attend a workshop?

Basic knowledge is an advantage for most workshops but not mandatory. Even without prior knowledge you can participate in most workshops.

Can I visit exhibitions all day long?

No, normally the opening times of the exhibition periods are specified in the individual exhibitions. The exhibitions at the central station and some hotels can be visited all day long, as an exception. 

Do I have to pay for exhibitions and events?

In general, the visit of exhibitions and participation in the events is free of charge.
For occasional charged events you find all prices on the internet or in our program booklet.

Please contact our team for more information

Büro für Kultur- und Eventmanagement
Unter Käster 1
50667 Köln

phone: +49 (0)221 / 67 78 72-70
fax: +49 (0)221 / 67 78 72-75
E-Mail: info@photokina-prologue.de

You can contact our team from monday to friday between 10 am and 4:30 pm.