Staged kimono-portraits

The Japanese culture fascinates us with its dedication to traditional craftsmanship and practice of customs. An integral part of this tradition is the Kimono - a T-shaped, straight and ankle-length robe with wide sleeves, held by a wide sash, the Obi. Most Japanese women wear this elaborately designed garment, varying material and elaboration, according to the occasion and season.

During this workshop we shoot pictures of a lady from Japan, wearing the traditional kimono and make-up. The Japanese Garden of the Museum for East-Asian Art in Cologne is a suitable setting. Using natural light, we will stage model and ambiance in the best way. We will draw the viewer's attention to the important elements of the picture, concentrating on lighting, composition and, in particular, the model's expression. Everything is allowed: from close-up to full-body portrait, but also shots of details, in order to show you the fascination of portraiture in the context of this extraordinary shoot.

max. number of participants: 10

  • 15.09.2018 12.00 to 06.00 p.m.

costs: 129,00 €
trainer: Peter Miranski

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Museum für ostasiatische Kunst Universitätsstraße 100, 

50674 Köln

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