Ruhrpott divers

Organiser: Bildwerk Ruhr

The photo exhibition "Ruhrpott divers" shows the Ruhr area in all its facets. From the big city, with its architecture, street views, street paintings, industrial culture and its ongoing development through nature, to the suburban character and its greenery.

The Ruhr area is a region without a real claim to fame and without inferiority complexes. Or is it? The Ruhr area is passion and disillusionment, both beautiful and ugly, both green and grey; it's both industrial culture and industrial nature. It's both diva and street musician. It's just adorable.

This diversity from exciting to equally beautiful, in a region where more than 5 million people live and work, is expressed in the composition of the pictures. These distinct contrasts are the very heart of the Ruhr metropolis, which often does not (yet) see itself as a metropolis. Whilst many pictures are taken in daylight, others show the scenery and atmosphere in the Ruhr area at nightfall or in complete darkness.

We, Jochen Pils, André Münz and Thorsten Eggert, have been passionate photographers since we were children, and of course still work with digital cameras in our spare time on the road today. The exhibited photographs were taken with Nikon (D610, D750) or Canon (7D Mark II) SLR cameras. For street photography, something more "manoeuvrable" is sometimes used. As photographers, we aim to give the region a face through our pictures.

  • 08.09.2018 to 30.09.2018

Opening hours:
  • 10:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m.

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