Presenting personality – power women and power men

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As a photographer, we can shape the image of a person. By facing a person and getting a picture of him or her, we perceive a unique personality.

But how does “getting someone’s picture” work?

The images and prejudices that we have in mind, more or less, obstruct our way of perceiving people with different facets and personalities. In order to increase our perceptual capacities, we will fill our visual memory with images of women and men who live... independently, hungry for life, sensually, thoughtfully, in an ironic, oblivious way, claiming for freedom and independence…

With a model, we will shoot different moods and emotions in the photo studio. The previously discussed examples are an incentive to enlarge your own repertoire and to expand your own imagery.

max. number of participants: 10

  • 09.09.2018 01.00 p.m. to 07.00 p.m.

costs: 99,00 €
trainer: Joachim Clüsserath

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