photokina on tour – the Photobulli (Photobus) !

"PHOTOS FOR ALL - PHOTOS FOR FREE!" This summer, the photokina Photobulli is touring through Cologne. Whenever you see the Volkswagen bus with its stylish vintage look in the city, you can take photos for free! Get in and get inspired by the retro style plastic flamingo, parasol and floral curtains, reminding the legendary California-summers of the late sixties. Just take a seat, choose an accessory, shoot a photo, print it out and take it with you!

Tour dates:

24.06.2018 - BMX Cologne, Youth Park

14.07.2018 - Lohserampenfest, Cologne-Nippes

18.07.2018 - Secret concert

26.-29.07.2018 - EAT PLAY LOVE, Fühlinger See

10.-11.08.2018 - Globetrotter Cologne

24.-26.08.2018 - Gamescom City Festival Cologne

22.-23.09.2018 - Chocolate Museum Cologne, with Insta Walk

26.-29.09.2018 - photokina Cologne