Impressive black and white prints on Fineart baryte papers

Suitable for advanced users

What seemed impossible for a long time, has become a reality now: producing outstanding black and white photo and printing them, today is possible for anyone with some know-how, a good printer and appropriate paper. Many photographers still go into raptures about home-made prints, in the darkroom, on black and white baryte paper. In order to approach the desired quality of this prints, well-known paper manufacturers developed black and white-Fineart papers that offer the baryte-look. We will print on these papers and compare the individual Fineart papers.

Since good printing requires a good black and white photo, optimization possibilities are demonstrated in the workshop and, if necessary, applied to your photos.

Each participant will receive at least one DIN A3 Fineart print of his own photo.

max. number of participants: 8

  • 30.09.2018 01.00 p.m. to 05.00 p.m.

costs: 79,00 €
trainer: Joachim Clüsserath

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