Conditions of participation


1. The workshops, lectures and photo tours – following: workshops – take place from the 1st to the 25th of September 2016 in the context of the series of events “PROLOGUE by photokina 2016” and are open to all persons interested in photography. Depending on the specific event, the workshops transmit digital photo technical knowledge in theory and practice. Organizer of workshops of PROLOGUE and contractor is Koelnmesse GmbH – following: organizer or Koelnmesse. Koelnmesse hired Kulturbüro Rheinstil, Caroline Maria Weber, Unter Käster 1, 50667 Cologne for processing.


Offers and prices

2.1. Published offers of appointments and workshops are non-binding. The organizer and Rheinstil are unable to guarantee the correctness of the content of this website. The prices include VAT.

2.2. While carrying out a workshop, it is the organizer's responsibility to adapt its content to the individual needs of the participants, on condition that the aim of the workshop is not substantially changed.


Registration and payment

3.1. By registering on the participant accepts these terms and conditions. Some workshops require additional regulations whose validity is agreed before the start, separately.

3.2. Registration deadline: 7 days before each workshop, 0 pm - receipt by Koelnmesse GmbH. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

3.3. Parents or legal guardians book for participants up to 18 years of age.

3.4. After booking on, the participant will receive a confirmation and request for payment of the entry fee within a payment period of 10 days. A contract on participation in the selected workshop based on these terms and conditions between the organizer and the notifying parties is established through the received payment on the account Deutsche Bank, BLZ 370 700 24, account number 402888201, account holder C. Weber / Rheinstil. If there is no received payment of the registration fee on the account after the payment period of 10 days, the reservation is canceled and the space can be re-assigned by the organizer.

3.5. Invoicing takes place after the receipt of the mentioned account.

3.6. With the invoice, each participant receives a voucher which entitles to one visit of the photokina 2016 at discount prices.



4.1. The workshop description always contains the maximum and minimum number of participants. If the maximum number is exceeded, the chronological order of registration forms a basis for the attendance.

4.2. In case that the minimum number of participants cannot be reached, the organizer reserves the right of refusal up to 7 days before the workshop date. In this case fees are fully reimbursed.


cancellation policy

5.1. The cancellation of participation is possible even after the expiration of the withdrawal period and requires the written form, this can be done either by letter to the organizer or in response to the received confirmation.

5.2. If the cancellation of a one-day workshop occurs in a period of less than 12 working days before the workshop date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the workshop price will be calculated to cover the actual costs. A non-appearance without prior written cancellation results in a charge of the full workshop price.

5.3. The organizer may cancel a workshop shortly, if the implementation of the workshop cannot be ensured due to an insufficient number of participants or if the trainer is prevented by sickness or accident and no other trainer can be found for substitution. In case of cancellation of a workshop, participants will receive corresponding information. In that case, the participant’s claims –  of whatever kind, in particular claims for reimbursement incurred travel or accommodation costs or damages – are excluded.


Scope of service

6.1. The registration fee includes the services stated in each description of the specific event.

6.2. Late content changes due to technical changes or weather-related adjustments in the process, can be made without the approval of the participants. Out of this the participant has no right for cancellation or price reduction, unless the purpose and the goal of the workshop are not considerable affected.



7.1. The entire content of the workshops is protected by copyright, the intellectual property protection and other laws for protection of intellectual property. The information may be used solely for personal use. Any other use, including reproduction, transmission, distribution, modification, republication or presentation, even in part, is strictly prohibited. It can take place only with the organizer’s written consent. Some workshop materials contain images whose rights were acquired by third parties for use only within the framework of workshops.

7.2. All images created at the workshop shall be used exclusively for private purposes and self-advertisement, any commercial use is prohibited.

7.3. If a model is available at the workshop, each participant has to sign a model contract in which the exploitation rights shall be agreed separately.

7.4. The participant agrees that documentary photographs of the workshop will be published for promotional purposes by the organizer. Thus the participant transfers Koelnmesse all rights of use, performance and other rights to exploit the images - hereinafter referred to as "work products" - created by the participant.
This particularly applies to the following uses:

the right to use the work products in other media, for example, in commercials, videos, books, brochures and the internet;

the reproduction and distribution rights, that is, the right to reproduce the work products as desired and spread them;

the archiving rights, that means the right to collect the results and, if appropriate, publish the same as collection with other advertising media;

the right to partial and complete transmission of Koelnmesse rights granted to a third party;

the right to edit or otherwise modify the results. These files are transferred indefinitely. Also a local limitation does not occur. Koelnmesse may use the work results worldwide. The participant is responsible for ensuring that their services do not infringe any rights or other rights of third parties. Should Koelnmesse be used by third parties on the grounds to claim that their rights are being violated by the participant or as a result of services provided by the participants, he or she provides Koelnmesse from all such claims.

In case of usage rights of third parties valid in the work results who have been involved in the development and production of advertising materials, as the rights to models, to photographs, and graphics, the participants also transfers those rights to Koelnmesse and assumes an independent guarantee that this transfer of rights for all types of use that section 7.4 enumerated, are effective. The participant is responsible for the effective legal acquisition of such rights to use third-party rights. Unless a legal transfer fails, the participant takes responsibility with guarantee.

The participant releases the organizer from any usage fee and all third party claims, regardless of the legal reason. The organizer has the right to use the work products for free at other PR activities such as publications, publications in journals, etc..


Privacy Policy

8.1 The organizer takes the protection of personal data provided by the participants at its disposal, very seriously. The organizer collects, processes or uses personal data of the participant only in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act – including the use of automatic data processing – and only if this is due to the purpose of executing the contract as part of the workshops.

8.2 Participants can contradict the collection, processing, or use of their data, at any time by email:


Liability of the participant

9.1. The liability of the participant depends on the legal provisions. In case that there are cameras available for rent at a workshop, the borrowing participants are liable for loss and / or damage to the rental equipment, as described in the statutory provisions.


Exclusion of liability

Claims for damages against the organizer due to breach of duty, not affecting any essential contractual obligations, are excluded, unless they are based on gross negligence or willful culpable conduct of the organizer and / or its vicarious agents. This limitation of liability does not apply if the organizer by law as a result of negligence or intent has strict liability for damage to life, limb and / or health. The organizer is not liable for loss and damage of introduced objects of the participant or any other third party involved by the participants, unless intent or gross negligence. The organizer is not liable for damages caused by force majeure.

The organizer will try to provide the workshops with accurate information, but assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided.


Place of performance and jurisdiction

Place of performance and jurisdiction is Cologne. The law of Germany.