PROLOGUE by photokina

The Photography adventure continues…

The PROLOGUE by Photokina, during the month of September shall be offering the opportunity to experience, feel and to see the fascination of photography within Cologne.

Everyday life within suburbia is complex, from black and white, to colourful and is always full of surprises and the unexpected.

Photography is probably better equipped than any other medium, to deal with the visible aspects of today’s world in an artistic and documentary manner.

During September, there shall be plenty of opportunities to practice your Artistic and Documentary skills, when PROLOGUE by Photokina, invites you and your camera to participate.

Top Class Photo and Film workshops with internationally active professionals shall provide insights into the entire technology spectrum, from Analogue to Digital to Video. Explore together, Cologne’s Urban hot-spots in photo walks and tours. Events such as; photo adventures for children, exciting photo exhibitions will definitely ‘wet’ our appetite for the highlight of September: “The Photokina 2018”. The Photokina 2018, is the world’s leading trade fair for photography, video and the entire imaging industry. Visitors can discover theme worlds, exhibitions and spectacular events and motifs.

Cologne – World City of Photography

Be a part of it!

PROLOGUE by photokina -  Lightpainting