My picture from the district

Phototour through Ehrenfeld for seniors

trainer: Norbert Breidenstein
costs: 29 €

Artistic polaroid manipulation

trainer: Tanja Deuß
costs: 69,95 €

Ohlendorf by Foto Lambertin: Fujifilm X-System

trainer: Joachim Ohlendorf
costs: 45 €

Streetart Photography in Ehrenfeld

At a photo walk in Cologne we discover the different variants of the street artists. Different perspectives and constantly varying shots give an independent look at the art in the public space.

trainer: Triksy Sol
costs: 25 €

Nikon Experience Days in the cologne zoo

SHORTWORKSHOPS | CAMERA-TRAININGS | TEST&TRY in cooperation with Foto Gregor Cologne and Foto Lambertin

costs: 19,50 €

Work like the old masters

Two-day workshop

trainer: Karl von Westerholt
costs: 149 €

Polawalk by Impossible

trainer: Tanja Deuß
costs: 39,95 €

Newborn Art

trainer: Triksy Sol
costs: 140 €

Artist portrait of the 1920s

trainer: Joachim Clüsserath
costs: 99 €